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tv   Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Remarks at U.N. General Assembly  CSPAN  September 21, 2017 11:58pm-12:20am EDT

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challenge can be met if we meet it together. merci beaucoups. [applause] translator: on behalf of the general simply, -- general assembly, i wish to thank his excellency justin trudeau for the statement he has just made and may i request protocol to escort his excellency. i now have the honor to give the excellency, minister for foreign affairs of the russian federation.
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min. lavrov: mr. president, ladies and gentlemen. in december of last year, the general assembly passed a resolution on promoting the democratic and equitable world order. and it clearly stated it is unacceptable to interfere in the internal affairs of state. it does not accept coup d'etat as a transfer of power. it underscores the need to exclude attempts to exude legal pressure on other states, and this includes international laws. absolute majority of member states of the u.n. voted in favor of the resolution. in the minority were found exactly those countries which, against the goals and principles of the charter, are trying to dominate in global affairs, impose their own values on states and peoples. they are guided by the logic of unipolar which undermines
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international law. but the world does not stand still. i was pleased to see the president of the united states, day before yesterday, unilaterally stated it is important to abide by the principle of sovereignty international affairs. that it is important to lead by example. countries with different values, culture, and aspirations cannot just coexist but work side-by-side. i think this is something we can all subscribe to. especially if the foreign policy of the u.s. will be carried out on this basis.
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our country has gone through its share toward the elimination of vehicles of war. not -- our western partners, made heavy by the illusion of history. they are trying to adjust to today's realities. nato is trying to restore the ismate of the cold war and refusing to implement the principle they declared, indivisible security. its policynstructed on the principle of if you are not with us, you are against us, and expended nato anti-russianp sentiment. , authorities in
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key of our coming up with new ploys so as not to implement their commitments. which was approved by the security council of the u.n.. arer these conditions, we working to implement the agreements. president clinton launched the initiative to have observers. we expect the russian proposal will help settle the crisis within they ukraine as a result of an unconstitutional coup d'etat. we hope there will be constructive without zero some game.
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here, on the premises of the united nations, we should not forget about the origins. nurembergts of the trial became a warning against forgetting the lessons of world war two and the concert says of trying to decide fate of the world i trampling over the interest of states and peoples. glorifyng to rea fascists. what are needed are consistent aforts aimed at creating barrier against neo-nazi is him. strengthening harmony while the dread intolerance. terrorists desecrate objects of value.
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we think it is necessary to pay attention to make sure we have the necessary legal frameworks to stop these acts. russia is planning to come up with a proposal on this. it is unacceptable to remain we arerent when where -- witnessing the event of statelessness and the suppression of languages of minorities, which is a violation. of history have shown lasting settlements of difference can only be through dialogue and finding a balance of parties. the arsenal of many western states have not diplomacy but rough pressure. unilateral sanctions above the sanctions imposed by the security council is illegitimate
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and undermines the collective efforts. everybody is witnessing with alarm the restrictions by the u.s. against iran. they happened to the extraterritorial in nature. they threaten the demonstration of the plan of action which became one of the important factors in stability. how wrong unilateral sanctions has been shown. the american embargo of cuba. this is something that all member states have been for decades asking for. we are witnessing a dangerous confrontations viral, condemning the nuclear missile adventures of young young -- korea. military hysteria is not just an
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impasse, it is a disaster. all the resolutions have to be implemented. provisions onve the need to go back to negotiations. the ends to blocking these. we call upon members of the world communities that support the russia china roadmap. unacceptable to incite riots and threaten to use force to democratize venezuela or undermine legitimate authorities in any country. the international community has to encourage parties to reach national reconciliation and compromise. the attempts to ignore the , ultimatumsothers
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outside of the u.n. charter, never lead to anything good. the upsurge in terrorism. migrationllegal result to a great part from the reckless attempts to remove the undesirable regimes, including military intervention. opened up the path for terrorism in the part of the world where it never used to exist. il iste the fact that is in retreat, we need to make additional efforts to stabilize the reason. being spared by members of the coalition. this gives rise to guarded optimism. there was a international meeting on syria. we formalized the escalation areas and the agreements.
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these agreements create the conditions for moving forward toward the implementation of resolution 2254 on the basis of direct dialogue between the government and opposition, pooling their efforts in the interest of quickest elimination of the terrorist hotbed and making sure there is peace throughout the country. the most urgent ones are increasing the level of humanitarian assistance, undermining the liberated territories. we are convinced these processes with a leading role played by the u.n. also need to involve all of those who wish for peace for syria. another topic, instances of the use of chemical weapons. all of them need to be investigated honestly and
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professionally without attempts to manipulate. resolving humanitarian issues, bringing opposite sides into agreement, this is relevant for other crises in the region. many other conflicts as well, russia has had a balanced approach and worked with all parties. when we are talking about the middle east and north africa, we should not relegate to the background the u.n. solution to the palestinian issue. toattach importance restoring palestinian unity. welcome efforts by egypt in this regard. to cooperate with sites. the fact that the dispute is not
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settled is being used by extremists to recruit new people to their ranks. a string of bloody terrorist acts shows it is an allusion to separate islands of security. extremism and terrorism is something we need to combat only together without using double standards or hidden agendas were the main responsibilities need to be borne by states. this is what is provided by in the global terrorism strategy. we welcome the efforts to reform thestrategy, approved by general assembly. the fact that a rupture in representative was appointed to head the new u.n. office, we technologyew as a and the role russia plays and we thank everyone for their support. goals is to audit to the of having a world free of nuclear weapons. under the existing regimes in
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control, the elimination should be the end result of full disarmament while providing security. attempts to outlaw nuclear weapons without taking into account the realities in the world today, closing our eyes to the factors influencing stability, only push this goal further away. we should reject the idea of militarization of cyberspace. we need to make sure this does not become an area for political confrontation. spreading terrorism and extremism. we need to aim the u.n. working out rules in the interest of all
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states. behaving responsibly. we have prepared a draft. hacking, and we propose we start discussing this in this session. obvious the world will continue encountering new issues long-term and civilizational in nature. we have no rights to dissipate our efforts. not is not needed is unilateral but collective. the process of creating a polycentric world error reflects the redistribution of the global balance of power. the greater role played by cultural and civilizational people. this is something everyone will have to adapt to. lordingg those used to over others.
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worlde to make sure the order is just and democratic as it was seen by the founding fathers. globalization should not antagonize us but bring us together. stability, a safe and stable future. without mutual trust, it is impossible to think we will be able to implement this far the paristrategies in agreement. or resolve issues such as demographics and health care. foundational principles of international relations, we should include the principle of pluralism. the rule of law. reject a military alliances but rather assist and extend security guarantees to those states that chose neutrality. barrierss lowering the
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to trade and investment. stop politicizing economic ties. thehould not politicize athletics movement overall. .oung people should be nurtured we invite everyone to attend the world youth festival. time, we will be hosting another important theing, the assembly of info part of terry? -- intraparlimentary union. using historic hatred andtoke phobias. philosophy of coexistence is at the basis of the philosophy put forward by president putin.
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aimed at creating a joint economic and humanitarian space. based on the principle of indivisible security. ensuring equal rights for everyone, states and citizens, at amething that is needed universal scale, also required by the charter. this is the foundation for the activity of many entities we are part of. the eurasian economic community. shanghai corporation. this is how we build our relationship with the african union. and other associations, bringing together countries of latin america. more balancedor a approach.
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we believe in the future of the u.n. and want to see an active role played by the secretary general helping it realize its full potential. on the basis of the goals and principles of the charter. we need to be especially careful when we are talking about peacekeeping reform. forget the priceless experience garnered over jack a -- decades. the roman philosopher seneca born to coexist together. they put it in the charter. they saw the coexistence given to us by god should compel us to come together. for this, we need to restore the culture of dialogue. look for the balance of interests instead of rash
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decisions. we are talking about preserving humankind.g -- japan has always been willing to work with everyone. we will continually defending this approach. i think for your attention. >> i think his excellency. the minister of foreign affairs. >> we take a detailed look at the health care proposals in the senate. in new yorkresident where he announced new sanctions. and take you to the united
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information, go to our website. >> c-span's washington journal. live every day. coming up this friday morning, we will look at president trump's voter fraud commission. bauer, as will be bob former cochair on election administration. professora history will share his thoughts about the trump presidency. be sure to watch washington journal. join the discussion. the story talks about a measure being offered by


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